Mentoring Program

State of Maine – and beyond
Student access to diverse leadership across industries
Mentoring program builds confidence, leadership skills, and professional friendships

The Tramuto Foundation’s newest program provides scholarship recipients with the opportunity to gain confidence, develop leadership skills, and build friendships through a direct mentoring relationship with one of our Advisory Board members.

Guidance provided by our professional board members helps students learn to address the typical challenges and issues that are a part of college, and gain the confidence they need to succeed in their studies and in life. Scholarship recipients are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • • Download the Mentor Scholarship Application here

Why the Tramuto Foundation?

We are about collaboration. While we could say without question that the programs we’ve created in the realms of education and healthcare, both locally and internationally are innovative, we believe that integration yields even better results.

For us, integration is about collaboration. We believe the group is always smarter than one person’s idea. When you work as a true partner, what emerges is what we call collaborative IQ—an intelligence that transcends the typical things that block progress.

Hearing Human Need

This isn’t just what we do.
We believe it’s our duty as citizens of the world. Attuned to people and the challenges they face, be it here in Maine, or across oceans, our goal is to make resources available to individuals and communities in need through collaborative partnerships.

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