Tramuto Foundation Bulldozer Award

Recognizing individuals who have rebuilt from the rubble
A person’s story matters, and when they share it there is a tipping point where their story inspires others and empowers them to share their story.

The Tramuto Foundation Bulldozer Award recognizes individuals who, like Foundation Founder and Chairman Donato J. Tramuto, have experienced in their lifetime an event or events that knocked them down to their knees.

The 2018 Bulldozer Award winners have been announced. Click here to read about the recipients.

Yet, with tenacity and resilience, the individual was able to transform his or her life and use that experience to do good, through whatever means: whether it be politics, the arts, philanthropy, or any other initiative that helped pay forward the quest to make the world more just and fair.

Donato’s personal ‘bulldozer moments’ are recounted in his book, Life’s Bulldozer Moments: How Adversity in Life Leads to Success in Life and Business, which is now in its 4th printing.

For more information about this book and how to purchase – click here.

A person’s story matters, and when they share it there is a tipping point where their story inspires others and empowers them to share their story also. In recognizing individuals who have rebuilt from the rubble of their ‘bulldozer moment’, the Tramuto Foundation hopes to inspire others to do the same.

The award will be given annually with a decision and announcement in the spring. A contribution will be granted to the organization or cause to which that recipient is committed. Amount to be determined by the Tramuto Foundation with input by the awardee.


We are seeking ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

  • • Open to all ages
  • • Lives anywhere in the world
  • • Has experienced a life-altering event or challenge of events, meeting them head on and overcoming adversity

Nomination Process for Selection

Provide the name of the person to be nominated for the Tramuto Foundation Bulldozer Award. Include the full contact information of the applicant which includes address, e-mail, and phone numbers.

An application submittal should include answers to the following questions (please be brief):

  • A. Describe the bulldozer moment(s), and what adversity did he or she face
  • B. How did this bulldozer moment change life direction positively by overcoming the challenge/adversity
  • C. Did this positive change lead to the investing in a cause and did it inspire others to join that cause effecting positive change
  • E. What would be accomplished with the grantee funding that is included with the Award

Send application via US mail

The Tramuto Foundation
PO Box 1728
Ogunquit, ME 03907
Attn: Bulldozer Application

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