Life’s Bulldozer Moments

How adversity leads to success in life and business
Tramuto’s first book is a compelling look at what he calls Life’s Bulldozer Moments and how they helped him succeed beyond anyone’s expectation

Donato Tramuto released his first book, Life’s Bulldozer Moments: How Adversity Leads to Success in Life and Business, now in its 4th printing.

One hundred percent of all proceeds from the sale of the book, which may be purchased on and, will go to the Tramuto Foundation.

Life’s Bulldozer Moments is a reflection of Donato Tramuto’s personal story, an illustration of his belief that we all have important and impactful stories to share. While many know Donato as a successful healthcare executive, entrepreneur and global philanthropist, few know his background and how that has informed his character and his future success.

Donato’s first book is a compelling look at how the many challenges and tragedies that he has endured throughout his life, what he now calls Life’s Bulldozer Moments, have bolstered his determination to not only survive those moments, but to succeed beyond anyone’s expectation.

Now a successful entrepreneur, health care executive and global healthcare activist, Donato shows anyone bulldozed by life how to pull themselves out of the rubble, dust themselves off and find meaning and purpose in life and career.

In Life’s Bulldozer Moments, Donato demonstrates how his unrelenting passion for improving access to high-quality healthcare has made a positive difference in the lives of people from Africa to the United States.

Donato’s professional story illustrates the unpredictable trajectory of the healthcare industry over the past thirty years, while his personal experiences gave him an unwavering determination to succeed in business and to improve the lives of others.

With this book, Donato’s descriptive phrase, ‘Life’s Bulldozer Moments’ has entered the American lexicon. Donato’s message is simple and profound: Material success in life and business is best used as a means to end suffering and create a more just and peaceful world.

I have known Donato Tramuto for many years. For the first time, I understand how Donato has used those Bulldozer Moments to improve the human condition — in his home state of Maine and around the world.

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