Echoes of a forgotten illness

Frannie Peabody Foundation fight AIDS/HIV in Maine
Portland, Maine
Competing for funds to address a health problem the public was not aware of
A collaborative, hands-on approach to providing ongoing critical resources

There was a time when AIDS and HIV were on everyone’s mind. But years after the incidence of AIDs in the US peaked in the early 1990’s, it has quietly disappeared from the forefront of the people’s awareness.

The Frannie Peabody Center is committed to preventing the spread of HIV infection in Maine, while providing compassionate care for those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS.. Our grant provides them with ongoing funds to support their Emergency Healthcare Services program for HIV and AIDS patients in Cumberland and York Counties in Maine, with comprehensive care that includes prevention services for people in at-risk populations.

The Tramuto Foundation grant enabled the Frannie Peabody Center to expand one of the most important services they offer to address the immediate needs of patients while addressing a pandemic on a local level. Though they are in Maine, the impact of what they do is felt far beyond our borders, as HIV and AIDS are global healthcare issues.

At a time when non-profit organizations struggle for funding, their support is incredibly important to what we do to keep clients healthy.

Beyond the help they received from the Tramuto Foundation, The Frannie Peabody Center came to understand that with us, the answer is not just a check. They learned that it’s equally important to work with people whose attitude is all about engagement and a collaborative spirit. Working as a team, we were able to make the funds go as far as possible, finding creative ways to leverage other resources, and following up in myriad ways to assure the success of the program. The Frannie Peabody Center not only discovered a different approach to giving—they discovered a different path to better health for their patients.

Hearing Human Need

This isn’t just what we do.
We believe it’s our duty as citizens of the world. Attuned to people and the challenges they face, be it here in Maine, or across oceans, our goal is to make resources available to individuals and communities in need through collaborative partnerships.

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